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Introduction of Greater Taichung Visitor Information center(2005-03)

GTVIC is located on the major traffic central of the Taichung city, (Zhungzheng Rd. and Zhonggang Rd. are almost 20 miles long) north to Zhonghua Rd. night market and Zhonggang Rd. shopping district, south to the Second Market, Sanmin Rd. wedding street, Jiguang shopping street and Taichung Railway Station, east to Taichung Park and more. Along the major traffic line, you can easily go to famous and pop places you want. Along the Liuchuan River to GTVIC, you can see great and widely view. It's totally different from the original city noisy. It seems like a kind of resting breakpoint which had modern city advantage and also traditional pure look. It's really a good place for the families to visit whenever the day or night.
We provide you: Travel Center: lots of the travel information, complete travel service. Agan Book Store: travel guiding books, kids series books and souvenir shop. Theme estaurant:meals,coffee, drink and snacks. Xingzhong Parking Lot. : 24 hours outdoor parking space with computer IC card paying service.
Xingzhong Parking Lot.
Xingzhong Parking Lot. had the most modern technology for 24 hours paying system. It also connects with the SECOM security and provides you the best outdoor parking space.
Agan Book Store
Agan book store provides parents and children reading area. The parents takes their children into the book's world and gets more knowledge. The most special is the random program “Sister Agan Story Time”. The sister Agan will lively read the world famous stories and ans werquestions for the kids.
Greater Taichung Visitor Information Center
Greater Taichung Visitor Information Center provides complete and aplenty travel informations. People can easily drive with the maps and travel guide information we provided to have a good trip experience. The center will collect more famous stores and more restaurants to provide more convenience and more complete travel information. We also plan to buildup the tour bus “City Tour” in March. There will be lots programs that like city tour, epicauren bus, hot spot memorize travel, Dakeng outdoorpursuits and more. In the future, GTVIC will develop to full Taiwan and provide the best travel services.

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