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Foreign Consultants' Lifestyle in Taiwan(2005-06)

Many people have seen this commercial on TV: an English teacher in Taiwan was only a homeless bum on the street in his country. This clip suggests that many foreigners in Taiwan are actually tramps who cannot get a job, but with English being their first language, they can easily find a teaching position in Taiwan. This is such an irony and a cautionary tale. However, is it really how foreign teachers lead their lives here? Let's see. Angela is a girl from Florida, USA. Armed with journalism, she not only writes marvelously, but she is athletic and agile. She came to Taiwan because she yearns for the beautiful climate, subtropical beaches and stretches of mountainous terrain in Taiwan. She's fond of stinky tofu. Every time she smells the unique scent of stinky tofu, it sweeps away all her troubles. Why did she choose to live in Taichung? Angela said, Taipei is too big a city for her, the sense of suppression in Taipei makes her unable to breathe. On the other hand, Taichung has a more laid-back atmosphere. So much more space with so many cafes in Taichung made her fall in love with the city at the first sight. Hence she chose to take on a teaching position in an all-English environment. There is another martial artist, Duff, who came all the way from Canada to Taiwan, was previously a highly trained engineer, also an amateur karate coach. He leads a colorful life in Taiwan. He came to Taiwan for a romantic reason-his girlfriend. Yet, the power of love didn't help him with his life in Taiwan. In the beginning he couldn't adapt the lifestyle in Taichung, due to the English level of Taiwanese people. He used to ask for directions in English, but people ended up talking to him in Chinese or even Taiwanese. Of course he couldn't possibly understand what was going on. Later, he tried to use signs and gestures to express himself, and thus created a lot of joke material. Having this kind of experiences, Duff joined Columbia Consulting Company, an institute that provide clients with all-English learning environment, hoping to do his part in elevating the level of English in Taiwan. Taiwan's English teaching industry becomes more and more flourishing because of these elites from all over the world, and the future of Taichung will be promising because of these people.  

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  • Publish Date: 2009-12-09
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