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Savoring a Smoke-Free Museum Parkway(2005-12)

Pictures and Words by Yang Jing Yi
Translated by Cara Steenstra

Taichung's Museum (WuQuan) Parkway is a boulevard of greenery and romance. From the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts all the way to WuQuan 8th Street, there is a great selection of restaurants serving exotic cuisine, each in its own unique style. There are also craft shops and art galleries along the parkway. It would certainly be hard to object if one were to say that this was the most beautiful street in Taichung City.

So, what are the wonderful choices available on either side of the parkway? There is Lu Yuan Dao Restaurant, offering healthy dishes such as the Stone Pot Mixed Rice. The Xiang Yan Ren Jian Taiwanese and Hong Kong Style Cuisine Restaurant offers high-fiber, highcalcium dishes with added fruit. Little Italy specializes in Italian cuisine that has fans raving about them on the Internet. Shanghai 1924 offers not only Shanghainese cuisine but also displays of art and culture in their gallery. Pumpkin House is also the home of their popular mascot, Lu Dan the dog, while Lien Lien Feng Chen Restaurant is known as Taichung's original garden cafa. Blue Coral Island, with its blue and white decor, is a popular venue for couples taking their wedding photos and The Garden at Giverny serves up different herbs, according to the season. Walnut also offers dishes with herbs and nuts, while Herb's Kitchen Provence specializes in raditional southern French home-style cooking. Magic Book emits the delicious aroma of rich curry, prepared by five-star chefs and, at Gulu Gulu Aboriginal Music Restaurant; you can hear passionate live music.

With all these choices, who can resist the emptation of stopping for a meal? Good food should come hand in hand with good health. In an effort to provide a better living environment for the people of Taichung, the Taichung City Public Health Bureau and the businesses along the Museum Parkway jointly established Taichung's first “Smoke Free Street” at the end of October this year. Whether you are dining, shopping or enjoying a spot of afternoon tea here, you will no longer be subjected to second-hand smoke. Nor will you find restaurants filled with smokers puffing away, or see chefs or service staff working with cigarettes hanging from their lips. Smoke Free restaurants are clearly indicated with labels, and their service staff will carry “no smoking” trays to let customers know that it is a smoke-free environment. As a result, health-conscious people will be able to enjoy quality meals and happy shopping experiences in a pollution-free environment.

Whether you are a local or a visitor, the lovely Museum Parkway, filled with good food and lovely views, is a lovely sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of city life. And, while you enjoy a variety of cuisine from around the world, you can also take care of your health by being in a completely smoke-free environment.

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