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Dining Out in the GongYi Shopping District(2006-03)

Pictures and words by Zhang Jia-Qian
Translated by Cara Steenstra

Today, Taichung City is well-known for its various shopping districts. As investors and potential investors consider the city's overall qualities at present, they also consider it's very important to understand future development as well.

Over the last few years, many developers have set their eyes on Taichung Seventh Redevelopment Zone, which has resulted in the subsequent development of the Gongyi Road shopping district. Establishments of many restaurants have opened on both sides of the road, particularly along a one-kilometer stretch of Gongyi Road, Section 2, where there are around 20 eateries. Each of these is spacious and stylishly decorated. Consequently, Gongyi Road has become a popular destination for businesses who hope to tap into the consumer power of office workers and families in the neighborhood.

There are a good number of specialty restaurants on GongYi Road providing reasonably-priced offerings that are all aimed at attracting office workers. All of these restaurants also insist on providing excellent quality service. The Herb Coffee House offers lowcost meals prepared with herbs. This round building has a covered car park that offers parking convenience while you dine. The Huang A-mah Restaurant serves up delicately-made, healthy Hong Kong-style dim sum and seafood cuisine in a mock Qing Dynasty imperial palace setting. Water Dance Teahouse and Gustation (A Taste of Zen) are teahouses that also offer both drinks and meals.

For French cuisine, there is RJ French Style Vegetarian Restaurant Asakusa offers Japanese cuisine whereas Balsamico Italian Restaurant offers Italian fare. For more local flavors, there is A-Choice Seafood Restaurant, Jade Tripod Spicy Hot Pot Restaurant, Natural Hakka Cultural Restaurant, and Taichung Steakhouse. If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy afternoon tea, there is a choice of Wu Wei Tsao Tang, Starbucks' Gongyi branch, 85C Cafe, Tian Yuan Cafe and many others.

Slow down your pace, take time to find what suits your taste amongst this wide selection of dining places, which helps making your dining-out experience not only a pleasure but also an art form. Apart from eating, other attractions are located on DaDun Road, perpendicular to GongYi Road, where there is another shopping area featuring a McDonald's, Carrefour, shopping malls, boutiques and much more. Your daily needs can all be found here, making this area a great place to go after meals.

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