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Beauty along the banks of the MeiChuan River(2006-07)

Pictures and words by Yang Jing Yi
Translated by Cara Steenstra

Situated at the junction of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art and the Taichung Cultural Center is MeiChuan Park. Under the environmental redevelopment efforts by the city government, the previous, dull gray cement water channels are now gone, as the banks of MeiChuan River have regained their natural beauty, allowing art and greenery to come together.

Along the river's zigzagging banks, shadows of trees weave through the sunlight and patches of Morning Star Lillies, Canna plants and others flora decorate this jadegreen river. Apart from admiring the beautiful, blooming lotuses, you may sight a frog or two if you're lucky, or catch the melody of singing birds. When you feel tired, there are colorful steps and seats for you to take a rest on, as you stretch your legs and take a deep breath to wash your weariness and stress away.

A sign here clearly states the original ideas behind the park's sculptures and designs. A whale represents Taiwan, and the fountain situated in the mid-section of the whale indicates Taichung's position in Taiwan. A raised building and a lookout structure situated next to MeiChuan Bridge No. 1 are both architectural designs unique to Taiwan's borigine people; the inclusion of these tructures represents respect for their cultures. Near the Taichung Cultural Affairs Bureau's cultural center building is a globe-shaped water fountain. This colorful, luck-bringing construction draws many passers-by to stop and take a look. Knowing the details behind all these features allows you to show off to your friends the next time you visit.

The newly-beautified MeiChuan Park now attracts many visitors on weekends and holidays.You will see strolling lovers holding hands, admiring the beautiful scenery and reflections in the water. There are also plenty of young and older residents having fun in the water fountain. Convenient transportation and parking facilities in the area also makes this an attractive destination and there are a variety of exotic, interesting restaurants nearby on Wuquan West Road. Isn't it time to bring your family and friends for a visit ?

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