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Former Taichung Winery,the New Cultural Landscape(2006-08)

Photos and article by Yang, Jing-Yi
Translated by Sho Huang

Former Taichung Winery, which has stopped its production since 1998, is located on Fuxing Road, Sec. 3. Among five remaining wineries in Taiwan, it features the best condition. After taking over the winery, the Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan made it into a "Cultural Creative Park". In June, 2005, it transformed into "Taiwanese Art, Design and Architecture Exhibition Center" (TADA Center).

The Winery takes up 6.4 pings and has 40 buildings in there. The Council for Cultural Affairs has picked out 8 buildings, which possess historical characters, to have interior renovation on the premise that the construction won't destroy the original design. The transformation is to provide a space for studios, exhibitions, performances and the multi-function conference room. So far, a number of college graduation exhibitions along with art activities have been held here. The creativity from the youth has brought the old architecture back to life.

"Experiment Theater", hiding in the coconut-tree Boulevard, used to be Stock 7. The bullet holes from the Second World War can still be seen on the wall near the east side of Stock 7. The distinguish characteristic of the Multi-function Conference room is its wooden frame. The all time favorite place is the "Designing Studio", used to be the room to store the wine bottles. The half-finished warehouse, made up of five adjoined brick buildings will be used for exhibitions. The old winery packing section,

installed with skylights will be applied for rehearsals and exhibitions. The power room, built in 1925 is the second oldest architecture in the winery. What's more, Japanese style halls, carrying themselves with nostalgia can be visited as well.

We'd like to see TADA Center play as a medium to link art and architecture together. Moreover, Mr. Yang, Hong Shiang, the assistant researcher of central office of the Council for Cultural Affairs, says that the office would love to add more space catering to art and quality of life for the public. We hope the combination of old architecture and the new culture of the modern time can be inspiring. We also look forward to seeing a brighter future of this place.

Profile of the Exhibition Center

362, Sec. 3, Fuxing Road, South District, Taichung City



8:30 AM ~6:00 PM

All year around

Groups are welcome to contact Miss Huang, Yun Ting (ext. 235) for guided tours.

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