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Presenting Taichung with new looks in arts, economics and industry,Taichung is becoming a world city(2006-08)

Taichung High-tech Machinery Park, one of The Central Taiwan Science Park development, had its groundbreaking ceremony on July 20 morning. American retailer, Costco also invested in Taichung case 113. On the same day, a foreign bank also visits Taichung government to look into possibility of cooperation. Taichung Amphitheater also had its opening ceremony on August 5.

Taichung Amphitheater has launched

To create a unique character for Taichung, Mayor Hu has been pushing the development in the Taichung since he took his office. The amphitheater can be a stepping-stone for more to come.

Mayor Hu's idea of having the theater done is to make good use of the city’s advantages in climate and location. Taichung Amphitheater is equipped with a huge stage and fit 4,ooo seats and 11,000 people on the grass field adjacent to the theater. Lots of plants, green grass, sport facilities, bikeway and walkway have been carefully included in this project, which is hoped to fulfill needs of different individuals and groups. In addition, it also adds to Taichung's city qualities.

On the opening day, the city government invited popular entertainers to give great performance for Taichung citizens. Hence, an outdoor performance place was born. "2006 Taichung Shiny Culture Season" will immediately follow in September and October. National Taiwan Orchestra, Taichung Orchestra along with other popular musicians will give performances in the amphitheater and other places in Taichung. Activities and laughter will be filled in Taichung Amphitheater every week and month to provide every citizen a great place for arts.

The Central Taiwan Science Park-CTSP- boosts the machinery development

Taichung High-tech Machinery Park, taking up 124 acres has so far 91 companies with the investment of NT$33,394 million and is a major development, initiated by Taichung government itself. To fulfill each company’s need, the city government required the legal issue of the land to be done earlier to help factories set up for production. Mayor Hu says that Machinery Park is the foundation of the machine industry and is also the most important plan in Taichung. In the future, efforts will evenly put on arts, technology, and invention and creating a green environment in the Machinery Park. The site is situated in the farmland of Taiwan Sugar Co., in the south of Taichung Industry Park, right next to Lindong University, High-speed Rail, Highway and Taichung Harbor. Convenient location and traffic network plus the fact that Taichung has been the hub for machinery industry, it is easy to understand why the development of Taichung High-tech Machinery Park has drawn in myriad of investment. The concept of the park will focus on "Wind, light, water and green" four characters. Adopting water recycling and environment protecting methods, three water-storage facilities will be built and connected with canal. Different seasons of plants will be also grown in the park to present "Produce, ecology and life" three in one goal.

Costco joins in Taichung to boost the economics

American company Costco has won the bid, City 113 bill and B.O.T. will be adopted to develop the land. The land is located in the corner of DaDun and WenXin Road. Taichung city government signed the contract with the company on July 20. A modern building of 2 floors above and under the ground will be launched to accommodate modern retail market, complex mall and wholesale mall. The total investment is about NT$90 million and it's expected to be ready in January 2008. Ranking 10th in retail industry in the world, Costco owns 480 malls in 8 countries. Costco started operating in Taiwan in 1996 and has set up four malls in Kaohsiung, Neihu,Xiji and Chunghe with more than 1,200 staff and 55o,ooo members. The company is looking at expanding its market in central Taiwan.

Mayor Hu is pleased to see that Costco, Taichung High-tech Machinery Park along with a variety of development projects are bringing promises to Taichung. What's more, the completion of the amphitheater also gives the public a place to exercise and relax with art activities. Taichung is moving toward becoming a world city.

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