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Taking you to the moon on Moon Festival~The top choices to see the moon(2006-09)

words by Yu-Chi Li
Translated by Sho Huang

Moon Festival, a day when family and friends reunite, is coming up again. Most people celebrate the festival by sitting around, having big barbecue feasts with their own family. There are also some people picking great spots and bringing some moon cakes and liquor to relax under the moonlight. By imagining Chang-e, the angel-like character from the fairy tale who flew to the moon, people are making the best use of the festival.

There are quite a few popular spots in Taichung, which are perfect for the festival for various settings. With no doubt, these places are usually crowded with moon-watchers.

Taichung Park situated in downtown is famous for its pavilion in the middle of the lake. Lots of couples and lovers enjoy rowing in the lake to experience the romantic atmosphere under the moonlight.

Fongle Sculpture Park is another great destination. The park's theme is its excellent collection of sculpture works, arch bridge and waterfalls. In addition, the Lakeside Community in opposition to the park has developed into an artistic area, where people love to visit on weekends. Certainly, it's another top choice for Moon Festival.

Metropolitan Park has to be on the top list if you want to see the moon in the park. Besides the massive sundial, botanical garden, health waterway, sunny lawn, and amphitheater, horoscope square and the specially designed moon observing hallway are all the reasons why this place is a must-not-miss spot.

Wan Gao Liao, popular among the youth,is definitely worth mentioning.It's located in the borderline separating Taichung county and city.

Sitting on the top of Dadu Mountain, from here it allows you to see the views of Taiwan Strait, Taichung county's west side, Nantou, Chunghua, Fongyuan and Wufong.

Eating moon cakes, barbecuing and moonwatching are certainly the ways to celebrate the special day. However, to the ones who live apart from their family, it is an important day when they can get together with their loved ones as well!

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