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Huanzhong Road Furniture Street,a new destination for families to shop for their homes(2006-10)

Photos and article by Xiao-Ying
Translated by Sho Huang

Coming from Changhua on Taichung-Changhua Expressway to Taichung and off to Sun Yat-Sen Expressway, have you ever noticed the area around Huanzhong Road filled with a number of huge and flashy sign furniture shops when heading off Zhong qing interchange way. Two years ago, there were only a few furniture shops. However, as the completion of Taichung International Baseball Stadium is coming to an end along with the rapid land development, the number of the shops has increased to around 30. It has become the mega furniture mall catering to customers from Changhua and Taichung.

Mr. Chen, the owner of a furniture shop, talked about the history of the furniture street. He said that he decided to set up the shop here because the land was cheap at that time. However, the rent should be much higher now. It's quite interesting just reading the names of the shops. Some names its shop "Exhibition Room" to boast its enormous size, as if it were a department store. The place is separated with glass walls hosting various style of furniture. For those who prefer to have their shopping done at one go and are concerned about parking, this can be your answer. Manager Chang, another trendy furniture shop owner, said that he saw the potential of this place and purchase lots of imported furniture and shipped it down from Taipei. Classical, modern and stylish furniture can be found here. Some are also designed for personal needs with creative designs. Although the price is high, the quality and practicality are carefully tended to.

Some furniture shops also open up another shop front right next door to specialize in classical furniture and to provide more choices for customers who look for single item. If you're more into the mid range furniture, traditional furniture shops are also around. Not only do they provide cheap price but also other services like 3D animation design and measuring. They can also custom make any size furniture to suit your need since most shops own the factories as well. Besides furniture, carpentry, window, decoration, curtain items along with more others can also be purchased here as well.

If you want to add more comfort to your home, why not give this place a visit over the weekend. Parking is not an issue here and if you're tired from shopping around, you can rest up at one of the cafes set up by the shops here.

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