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Foreign Chefs Falling Love with Taichung(2007-07)

When foreign chefs come to Taichung, they always fall in love with this lovely city. It's so convenient to travel to the north and the south. The relaxing atmosphere smoothes the anxiety from city's fast tempo. It is also a good place for enjoying arts. Cuisine talks never stop; meanwhile, the food here is getting more and more creative. Japanese chef Shidou Kennshi and French chef Phillip both feel this way.

Traditional Markets are Japanese Chef's Favorite

The typical symbol of Kenji Shindo is his humble smile. As a guest chef in the Splendor Prosperity Group, the cuisine he makes is always with a greenish rainbow. Just like the new style of Japanese food, his dishes are always full of freshness and vitality. When his wife visited Taichung, he took her to Tunghai University Experimental Farm and Dairy to taste the fresh milk, to sense the fresh smell of grass, to experience the nature rhythm. He gets no problem to communicate with people on campus, since people there speak either English or Japanese to him. He always has a good time.

Kenji Shindo doesn't like gloomy raining days. Taichung rarely has such weather. It is cooler than the north and the south. That makes Shidou Kennshi really comfortable. His favorite is Jianguo Market and fish market. It's surprising for him to find a variety of tasty fruit in the market. Vegetables are also cheap and choices are various. Every shopping is just like a treasure hunt. How lovely!

Phillip Enjoys the Exchanges of Language and Cooking Skill

French chefs are good guest chefs. They bring nice wine into cuisine and make them tastier. And the most important is they don't ask for high pay. Phillip is the one of them. Walking along the Parkway around the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, he feels this friendly atmosphere is what he has been always looking for.

Phillip teaches French and exchanges cooking skills with the locals. At the beginning, he stopped working as a chef for a while and entered a French language center to teach French. After meeting his girl friend who is an English teacher, he decided to work as a chef again. At that time the Garden at Giverny on Wuquan 4th Street was seeking a French chef, so he had his mind made up to stay in Taichung.

The Parkway has a calm and refreshing ambiance. Imagine having meals like in French, and taking a piece of bread to dip sauce on the plate, while enjoy the surrounding peaceful green. This is what Phillip likes to offer to his customers. Phillip also likes to create some Provence feel by making dipping sauce with tomatoes, olive oils, Dijon mustard, and Hungarian red peppers. It's like oil painting of a small mountain town, or Les Champs Elysees in Paris. No wonder Phillip sees Taichiung as his second hometown.

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