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Those who away from home study in Taiwan(2007-10)

The warm hospitality makes you feel at home.

In addition to learning Chinese, some foreign students come to Taichung to learn professional skills, and some come to get to know what their mothers' home town is like. Two National Chung Hsing University students, ABE KAORI and Nfor Oswald Ndi, come here for their own dreams, but accidentally fall in love with Taichung's relaxing feel and people's hospitality.

Falling in love with mother's home town

ABE KAORI is of mixed Chinese-Japanese descent and his mother was born in Taiwan. He is studying in Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures of National Chung Hsing University as a senior. The people in Taichung first make the passionate and considerate impression on him.

Knowing that a Japanese student was coming to stay in her house, the landlord even went to take Japanese lessons in order to communicate with her. The landlord also made a paper card with the destination in Chinese on one side, and the address on the other side for her to use when taking a taxi. She was much touched by her thoughtful consideration and tender solicitude.

ABE KAORI likes to eat around with schoolfellows in the night markets. Yizhong Street Shopping District near the National Taichung First Senior High School is her favorite. She said, "There are a lot of young people's stuff and variety of snacks here. I will never get tired of it." Except for the night markets, "shrimp fishing" is another favorite activity. ABE said using her own hand to put on bait, and cooking the shrimps by herself can't be more fun! Sometimes other guests gave her some shrimps because she didn't catch many. "This is a special experience you never have in Japan where there is no "shrimp fishing ! " says ABE.

When ABE just arrived in Taiwan, she experienced some difficulties caused by language and culture barriers. Soon after arriving in Taichung she got very comfortable because of the nice weather and hospitality. In the future ABE hopes she can stay in Taiwan and work in the international trading field.

Coming all the way to study Veterinarian

Nfor Oswald Ndi is from the country famous for playing football --- Cameroon. He has always been interesting in big farm animals like horses and cows, so he applied to study in Department of Veterinarian Medicine of National Chung Shing University. Same as ABE KAORI, Nfor Oswald Ndi likes to hang around in night markets, especially the Fengchia Night Market. He has no scooter or car, so he takes bus to Fengchia Night Market all the time. He says, "Bus drivers in Taichung are good. They like to speak English to me so I never have any problem of getting off at the right stop!"

As a citizen of Cameroon, it goes without saying Nfor Oswald Ndi's favorite sports is football. At his leisure, he likes to play football with schoolfellows, and sometimes he also likes to meet students from other colleges or universities. Every Sunday, Nfor Oswald Ndi goes to Student Center to attend a religious club and goes to the Presbyterian Church.

While in Rome, do as the Romans do

When Nfor Oswald Ndi just arrived in Taichung, he saw a lot of girls wearing mini-skirts and felt very surprised. He says "In my country, girls will be arrested if they wear mini-skirts!" But after staying for a year and nine months, he has got used to this vision, and accepted it as a special characteristic of Taichung City.

Since people in Taiwan don't have many ideas about Cameroon, they always ask Nfor Oswald Ndi a lot of strange questions. Such as "Is there any 'sky' in Cameroon??" or "What's the color of the water in Cameroon??" These questions always choke him up. Nfor Oswald Ndi says he would like to tell people here what his country is like when he gets chances. First of all he will recommend the food called "fufu corn", which is a tasty healthy food kind of sticky rice ball with vegetable. It's Nfor Oswald Ndi's favorite food. Nfor Oswald Ndi plans to go back to Cameroon after graduating to contribute what he learn here to his people and mother land.

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