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Everyone is Learning Chinese around the World!Are You Out of them?(2007-11)

Three students come from Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan to learn Chinese in Taichung for different reasons. They become friends at Feng-Chia University Language Centre (FCULC) and make their dreams come true.

That was a nice day with clear autumn sky and crisp air. People were full of the FCULC (Chinese Division) while we visited there. Interestingly, the students come from different countries and talk with each other in many languages in the office. FCULC is one of the choices for foreigner who wants to learn Chinese in Taichung. We picked out three students who are from Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan as the interviewees of this subject. The subject would like to find out the reasons that make them come far away from their home towns to learn Chinese in Taichung.

Learning Chinese for a Better Job

"Learning Chinese will help me to get a better job!" said Rujipong, who is from Thailand. Rujipong is a 24-year-old boy with shy smile and slight dark skin. He ties his long hair behind the head to display the attempt that he wants to be the one who is out of the ordinary. Rujipong's father is the only one can speak Chinese in his family. That is the reason why Rujipong learns Chinese because his father wants some of his children can speak Chinese.

Another 24-year-old girl is called Chusnaini; she is an Indonesian-born Chinese. Chusnaini comes to Taichung to learn Chinese because her aunt has ever learnt Chinese at FCULC before. "Why do you want to learn Chinese??" we asked Chusnaini. "That is a normal phenomenon in the countries of southeastern Asia." Chusnaini laughed and said, "Chinese is a much influential group in Indonesia" she added.

Delicious! That Will Be Tastier If It Is Less Greasy.

Aizawa Minako is a 29-year-old girl who comes from Japan. She speaks softly, just like every Japanese girl with a nice temperament, and has a fashion dressing. Aizawa Minako has a different reason from Rujipong and Chusnaini to learn Chinese. "Ten years ago, when I first time came to Taichung, I met some people here and became friends with them" said Aizawa Minako, "I visit Taichung every two years. One year ago, I quitted my job from a flower shop in Japan for learning Chinese here."

The three foreigners come from eastern Asia, and their Chinese language ability has achieved the l evel of high intermediate in FCULC. "Do you feel easy to live in Taichung??" we asked. "The food is so greasy in Taiwan!" they agree by mere coincidence."Thai likes sour and spicy food, but the food is not as greasy as Taiwanese one." Rujipong said with a funny movement. "Indonesian likes the food spicier than Thai, but it is not greasy, either!" Chusnaini added, and Aizawa Minako agreed with Chusnain.

Rujipong and Chusnaini like some Taiwanese traditional foods, such as oyster omelet and stinky tofu, although they are greasy. They love to walk around the night markets in Taichung because they never see the night markets in their home towns. "The scenery in Taichung is quite beautiful." Chusnaini added, "We like to hike in Dakeng Scenic Area when we are out of class." Besides, Aizawa Minako likes to stroll around the streets or watch the movie. Aizawa Minako has a cat in her room. She plays with the cat when she is free at home.

Friendly People Warms Foreigners' Hearts

Rujipong comments that the terrible image in Taichung is racing motorcycles on the road. In addition, Aizawa Minako feels uncomfortable with a load of rubbish on the street. However, they get with the foreign environment quickly because of the friendly people in Taichung. "I am not good at memorizing the road", said Rujipong. "The riders always listen to and answer to my questions patiently when I ask them how to find the way." After that, Aizawa Minako added "Some of them even take you to the right direction in person. How nice they are!"

Rujipong, Chusnaini, and Aizawa Minako approach the level of advance at FCULC. They will go back to their countries once they finish present schedule. Rujipong has arranged to go back to Thailand for a job. "Well, I have no plan at the moment. Maybe I will learn other languages somewhere." Chusnaini was laughing. "I have had no job for one year. My money has run out already. I have to go back to Japan to make money," said Aizawa Minako with a sigh.

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