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Japanese in Taichung (2008-08)

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Taichung is the most suitable place for residence

I come from Fukuoka, Japan, and after acquiring my doctor's degree in Japan, I married a Taiwanese. I then worked for one year in Japan, and then in order to realize my dream of being a college teacher, I came to Taiwan 6 years ago, when I was in my twenties. Because I was young enough to bravely accept challenges, I had very little uneasy feelings about coming to Taiwan.

Upon my arrival in Taiwan, I first taught in the Department of Applied Japanese in the Mingdao University for three years. Then, because my child had to attend “Rih Ciao Kindergarten” in Taichung, I decided to teach in the Chung Shan Medical University, and thus, my life in Taichung began. I have lived in Taichung for three years. Taichung boasts good living functions. In addition, many Japanese live here, which makes me feel that it is really bustling yet relaxing here. Taichung is very similar to Fukuoka; both have bustling areas as well as tranquil places for leisure, unlike Taipei’s crowds and Kaohsiung heat, Taichung is a place for people live comfortably.

On holidays, I often take my family to the National Museum of Natural Science, or FengLe Park, to see academic exhibitions, or row a boat on the pond, or stand in an empty place to see streams of people, which takes me back to my childhood. Because I have a fondness for insects of Coleoptera, sometimes I take my family, or go with my friends, to catch beetles in Xitou, and spend a leisure vacation in the wild. It is really an excellent experience.

If I lived in Japan, I might lead a monotonous life, however, I live here with changes as well as moderate excitements, and I live happily. Now, I communicate and talk with my students, I do some research and investigations regarding social problems in Taiwan and Japan. In Japan, the relationship between teacher and student is more alienated. On the contrary, Taiwanese students are kinder (though sometimes a little childish) and are easily taught. I once asked my students about their future goals, and I was so surprised that most of my students would like to be proprietors or rich persons. In Japan, it is hard to form a family and begin a business. However, proprietors are everywhere in Taiwan and I believe that their dreams are possible.

There are many BBQ restaurants and hot pot restaurants in Taichung, which gives many happy opportunities for a “meat-eater” like me. Besides, the combination of Pineapple Cake with High-mountain Tea is unparallel. These delicacies impress me a lot. My favorite fruit is mango, which is very expensive in Japan. When I ate Mango Ice for the first time, I was so impressed to see the fruit flesh of mango piled up like a small mountain, and this plate of ice only cost several tens of NT dollars. Such a thing is incredible in Japan.

However, I have some opinions regarding traffic issues. After all, taking a bus means great inconvenience for a foreigner who does not know the local language. For purposes of leading a more convenient and comfortable life in Taichung, I hope that Taichung will have a rapid transit system as soon as possible. To sum up, living in Taichung is a joyful experience. It is moderate in climate, traffic, and convenience. During the past 6 years, I have found that Taichung is the most suitable place for residence after travelling around Taiwan. I am really looking forward to seeing new construction and features coming to such a developing city.

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