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Vice President promotes Taichung suncakes(2008-10)

  • Date: 2019-03-15
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government
Vice President promotes Taichung suncakes(2008-10)

Vice President Vincent Siew attended a "suncake festival" held at Taichung Park in the central Taiwan city Saturday to mark the 100th anniversary of the park's Mid-Lake Pavilion.

Accompanied by Taichung Mayor Jason Hu, Siew promoted Taichung suncakes at the event, calling them the "pride of Taiwan."

Through Hu's promotional eforts, Taichung suncakes have become internationally renowned, the vice president said, urging people to buy more of the tasty product to support local producers.

For his part, Hu said that despite the tough economic times recently, Taichung's baked goods industry has maintained strong sales and its leading position domestically.

Also on hand to perform at the event was singer Ma Nien-hsien, who had a supporting role in the Taiwan box-office hit "Cape No. 7."

The festival featured several activities, including a do-it-yourself suncake booth where parents and their children had the opportunity to have some fun trying their hand at making the local pastry.

(By CNA)

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