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Japanese in Taichung(2008-11)

Taichung is a friendly city

Due to my husband’s job relocation, my family moved to Taichung three years ago. Before that, I was very unfamiliar to with the city and I felt disturbed when I arrived in the city. At the very beginning, I was quite homesick and wanted to get back home. A year later, all the good things of Taichung has have helped me to forget the fear and made me fall in love with the city.

Taichung is a friendly and touching city. When I first came, people would voluntarily say hello to me even though I could not speak the language. They would communicate with me through writings and I felt my soul is connected to the people here. At that time, my child was only 1 year and 10 months old and whenever we go went out, people would come to chat with us and made me feel that this is really is a loving place. Now that my child is 5 years old and we all love this city because we think this is the nicest place for to liveing.

During my stay in Taiwan, I’ve been traveled to many places, but Taichung is still my favorite city. Even though it is not as prosperous as Taipei, the city has all the functions you need and the city has an ambiance of country culture which cannot be found in Taipei. Due to my husband’s job relocation, we moved to Yokohoma city of Kanagawa countyCity of Kanagawa County,. bothBoth cities have the country culture and prosperity. Taichung definitely is a city that makes me feel like I am at home.

Surprisingly, I’ve once seen saw a motorcycle pulling a plough in Taichung. It seems so unreal because the this type of scene would should only appear on in old Japanese ancient movies. Due to cultural differences between Japan and Taiwan, I have experienced some major culture shocks. For example, Japanese likes to watch fireworks quietly, but Taiwanese people tend to move closer to the fireworks. Another example, Japanese would never hire people singing and dancingto sing and dance at such a serious and respectful funeral like Taiwanese people do. Moreover, Japanese can’t imagine why many Taiwanese couples take marriage photos in the public places. The cultures and customs are really different from one country to another.

In Taichung, soya pudding and shaved ice are my favorite foods but I don’t dare to taste stinky Tofu and coriander. People say even though the tofu smells bad, but it is so good when you taste eat it. It is a shame that I don’t dare to try it. One of the imperfections in Taichung is its terrible traffic. Since we take public buses or ride a bike to get around in the city, we can feel that the traffic is really a serious problem. The lumpy arcades are another flaw of the city that we can not put up with. Taichung can be a better city if the two above-mentioned imperfections can be corrected.

Next year, my husband and I will return to Japan. If we have a chance to come to Taiwan again, Taichung will be the first place we’d like to visit because it has left us beautiful memories.

by gi-sun-houn-zi

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