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Foreigners Visited Taichung(2009-01)

Didi's journey of culture

It's the 3rd year for Didi Badine, who comes from Senegal, to stay in Taiwan. He finished his studies of bachelor's degree and master's degree in Fu Jen Catholic University and Providence University, and began to attend the Ph.D. Program in the Department of Commerce, Feng Chia University. He hopes to stay and teach at a university in Taiwan in the future, to help more exchange students who have come to Taiwan. As for the city he must choose, Taichung will be his No.1 choice, definitely.

Didi is very optimistic and zealouspassionate, and he has acquired the basic ability of Chinese listening and speaking skills. He has also gets acquaintance met with many Taiwanese friends. He likes Taiwan's cultural landscapes, and he often goes sightseeing in every place inall over Taiwan in his leisure time. The number of the scenic resorts he had visited is no less than that of many Taiwanese. Under such aWith the beautiful weather on this weekend, his two new friends from Central and South America were enthusiastically invited by Didi enthusiastically to go on a tour, enjoying a novel and interesting tour in Downtown Taichung.

During the process of the tour, Didi, out of curiosity, continuously asked many questions out of curiosity continuously. He was so very interested in Taichung City’s historic spots and culture, especially, and profusely praised Taichung City’s snack food profusely. The most touching thing for him is that places of for art and culture exhibitions are available everywhere in Taichung City. The scenic spots during the process of the journey included Taichung City Government, Taichung Municipal Office Building, Taichung Wine Factory, Cultural Affairs Bureau, TMOA, etc., which are all excellent exhibition places of art and culture. No wonder he had heard earlier that Taichung is called the “City of Culture”;, and it is indeed worthy of the name indeed.

Martin M.:The consumptionCommerce in Taichung City is inexpensive and of good quality; it is quite friendly toward foreigners,; the most excellent city in Taiwan!

We had a joy ride in around downtown Taichung around, and visited the places such as the National Museum of Natural Science and Botanical Garden on the way. In the Botanical Garden, everyone was the most impressed by the beautiful and splendid Arapaima gigas and the exquisite and lovely water clock won everyone's impression mostly. Martin, who comes from Ecuador, and Marcella, who comes from Salvador, said that they didn't get to know learn the fish ecology of the Amazon River until today, even though they both come from South America; hence, their knowledge increased.

According to Martin, because his sister, who had come to Changhua for her studies, praised Taiwan profusely, so Martin decided to acquire his Master's degree in Feng Chia University. Although he is not very fluent in Chinese yet, he and his friends have a deep understanding about regarding the Feng Chia commercial zone, by using simple English and their body languages. He likes the inexpensive and delicious Licorice Guava the most, which makes allows people to enjoy the savor of happiness.

Martin said that the taxi drivers in Taichung City are able to talk in simple English, and they have little few problems in with communication. Sometimes they are unable to point out the place they want to go properly; however, these zealousenthusiastic drivers always spare no effort to help them, and even use body languages to communicate with them in the car as well.

Marcella Egan:: Taichung’s infrastructures are is perfect, and the traffic is well-regulated; one a single person will not be afraid, even though living alone.

Marcella, who came to Taiwan from Salvador eight months ago, likes Taichung’s convenient life environment very much. She always encounters strangers who are willing to spontaneously offer their help spontaneously, so she leads a happy life in Taichung, because novel events happen occur everyday; she hopes to continuously lead such a kind of life continuously. Today, it happened to be the interesting Taichung Sunny Cookie Cultural Festival. In one Sunny Cookie Store on Zihyou Road, Marcella tasted a Sunny Cookie for the first time in her life. Marcella said that the Sunny Cookie's with crisp cover and soft stuffing smelled was very fragrant greatly; when having she took a bite, she has had the a feeling just like what Taichung City emits??" zealouspassionate and yeasty. Marcella said that she feels like to taste tasting another specialty, “Wife Cake”, next time, because it sounds so romantic.

Didi Badine:Taichung is the most convenient and zealouspassionate city in Taiwan!

When coming to Taichung City Government, Didi asked continuously how many years this building has lasted. He said that he is very interested in the culture of historic spots; therefore, when visiting the Confucian Temple then, he also showed great curiosity, and continuously asked many questions continuously. He has a great thirst for knowledge.

Then, in Taichung Wine Factory, he also paid much attention to the on-going exhibition of design particularly. He appreciated Taichung young people’s creativity very much, and praised Taichung for being a city of culture indeed. When we were taking the mealeating a meal in the aboriginal themed restaurant on the green-park path surrounding the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (TMOA), Didi, who is an indigenous African indigenous people, mentioned to us that he thinks the indigenous cultures around the world have similar kindness and beauty, and that he always feels like to going to Eastern and Southern Taiwan often. However, Taichung City is not only agreeable in climate and the tidytidiness in of its urban appearance, what’s more important is that Taichung is also situated at in Central Taiwan, and it is very convenient to reach every placearea. In addition, people in Taichung are willing to help others, so that he never feels lonely, even though he has been studying in a foreign place alone for many years; instead, he is so grateful that he has the chance to come to this zealouspassionate and warm city for his studies.

Article and Picture by Jay

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