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The Shinny Sparkling Taichung warms the heart of a passenger from Snowy Country(2009-03)

/ Written by Morita Mikako

/ Graphic Design by Morita Mikako

/ Chinese Translation by Wen-Hsu

2 years ago, my husband’s post was transferred to Taichung City. Therefore, we moved with him to live in Taichung. The climate is in Taichung is warm. The flowers bloom all over the year and there are many beautiful trees in the city. I was very impressed. Also, I was surprised that there are many modern skyscrapers in the city. Because of my husband’s work, we used to live in the suburbs of Tokyo or Aomori Ken (located in the north of Tokyo). The life in Amori Ken was slow. It was very different from Taichung. The population in Taichung is bigger and there are more tall buildings and department stores than Amori Ken. This also impressed us much.

People in Taiwan love snow. Amori have has nice snow scenes scenery in winter. In tThe next day of after a snowingsnow fall, the streets, forests and mountains are all covered with white snow. They It glitters like the a scenic picture of sceneryon a post cards. It’s beautiful but silent. Just because I used to live in such place, I feel the heat and booming energy in the streets of Taichung City.

Taichung City is a city endeavoring to promote culture and art. My favorite place is the Art Museum. There are parks, trendy stores and boulevards in the neighborhood. In theAt night, the lighting makes the streets romantic which and are different with from the day time.

I love painting. After moving to Taichung, I took ink and wash painting courses with 3 other of my 3 Japanese friends. The ink and wash painting skills are very reconditecomplex., But but the teacher is trying hard to teach us.

Because of we speaking different languages, we cannot communicate fluently with our friends in Taichung. However, I always enjoy hanging out with them. We take the bus to travel and have mealseat together very often. I do really appreciate them.

I and my families family have experienced different things and cultures in Taichung. We are glad to live here. I am looking forward to keep oncontinuing to liveing here and except expect to meet more wonderful friends in Taichung.

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  • Publish Date: 2009-12-17
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