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So fun to live in Taichung City(2009-09)

I have been living in Taichung City for more than 2 months. Now, I am studying in some a language institute near my relative’s house and explore exploring my new life in Taiwan. I am very happy every day. Maybe because the weather is so warm, most of the people are so passionate. They always greet me loudly. On the bus to school, or back home, the bus drivers are so patient to chat with me even though my Chinese is so poor. Motorcycles is are the best vehicles in Taiwan. You can take the big dogs, small dogs, adults, or kids with you on the a motorcycle. As tThey can sit on it with you, and it will take you all to anywhere. I have shot taken pictures which shows people riding motorcycles, and some of them ride like the circus performers of circus. It’s This is very rare in Japan.

In the university, I have classmates from countries like Thailand, Russia, America and Panama. I am very happy to learn Chinese or explore the environment with them. As the same with myselfme, they love to learn and are curious for about everything. I proactively join the activities, such as singing contests or outdoor activities. We share the friendship as we work hard closely together under for some the same goals across our nationalities.

As mentioned to regarding the Taichung City, you should not forget the night market. There are so many kinds of fruits in Taiwan and I have not seen many of them I have not seen in Japan or other countries. I eat fruits every day, even if I just stay home. There are many deserts and juicy juice made of fruits. And, there are many delicious snacks such as the fried chicken, and stinky tofu, and other snacksetc. I never get tired of them no matter how many times I have eaten them. Also the snacks are so cheap that you can hardly be aware that you have eaten too much food. And surprisingly, every day there are always people waiting to be served outside the food stands every day. During the weekends, I invite my cousin and friends to the night market for shopping and eating.

The most interesting part of my life in Taiwan is that everything which I took for granted in the other countries areis overthrown. For example, the differences on values or environments. No matter whether good or bad, they excite me. I can hardly find another place which is as joyful as Taiwan. Sometimes, I feel lonely when I miss my families family and friends in Japan. , Butbut I want to seize the days living in Taiwan no matter when whether I am studying or having fun.

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  • Publish Date: 2009-12-17
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