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What should you do in case of domestic violence and sexual assault?

  • Date: 2018-04-28
  • Issued by: Police Department

Both domestic violence and sexual assault are crimes.

Everyone has the right to say no to violence and crimes.If you suffer these kinds of violence or assaults,

Be sure to ask for help immediately.To exterminate repetition of violence,

Please dial "110" for emergency help,Or nationwide toll-free protect-you hotline "113".

◎ What is domestic violence?

The term "domestic violence" as used herein denotes unlawful mental or physical violence from family members:

Unlawful physical violence includes notably maltreatment, injury, violence against personal freedom, sexual assault, etc.

Unlawful mental violence includes notably intimidation, threat, insult, harassment, damage to articles, mental mistreatment and the like.

◎ Who are family members?

Members of a family include the followings and their minor children:

1.Spouse or ex-spouse.

2.The ones in former or current relationship as husband & wife, parents or members of family.

3.The ones in former or current lineal relatives by blood or by marriage, e.g., grandparents, parents, parents-in-law, adoptive parents, children, and adopted children, grandchildren.

4.The ones in former or current collaterals by blood or by marriage, e.g., brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, nieces, grandnephews, grandnieces, sisters in law, brothers in law.

◎ What should you do in case of domestic violence?

1.Stay calm: No irritating languages and no fighting back in order to prevent a worse situation.

2.Protect yourself: In particular your head, face, neck, chest, abdomen and such vital parts.

3.Yell loudly for help from other members of the family, or neighbors.

4.Escape as soon as possible: Leave to relative, friend or neighbor's home, or the authority in charge of domestic violence affairs.

5.Call police: Ask police to stop violence or deliver to medical examination or shelter.

6.Report to police and, make records. Collecting evidence, e.g., injury diagnosis certificate, police records, damaged clothing and tools used in the violence. Show protection order to the police, if any, for enforcement or arrest of the offender.

7.Immediately turn to a doctor for injury diagnosis and take photo pictures as evidence as far as possible.

◎ What should you do in case of a sexual assault?

1.Should the mishap take place, firstly, turn to a doctor for examination and obtaining evidence. Do not wash or change clothing before you go to hospital.

2.Report to police as soon as possible for help, and file accusation according to law.

3.If you report to police first, police department will, at your consent, assign female police to accompany you to hospital for examination and evidence collection.

4.When the case is questioned, it would be handled in secluson in order to protect your privacy and you shall not be affraid of.

5.During case in investigation or trial, your statutory representative, spouse, parents, family member, relatives or social worker of Sexual Assault Prevention Center may accompany.

6.When it comes to necessity to have you in confrontation with the offender or to identify him, we will take all necessary protecting measures to assure your safety and privacy.

7.During investigation process, all your personal information will never be disclosed unless you agree or as indispensable to the investigation.

8.All documents, produced during investigation will not bear your name, age, address or such personal information.

9.Please note : If the sexual assault is initiated only upon your complaint, you must file accusation within six months from the day you come to awareness of the offender.

10.You are advised to turn to the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Center for counseling and assistance. Please dial the toll-free hotline : "113".

◎ We offer such assistance and services:

1.Toll free and 24-hour service hotline "113"

2.Emergency rescue and protection.

3.Help petition for protection order.

4.Delivering to medical examination and collecting evidence.

5.Legal consultation.

6.Psychological counseling, employment advisory services and home-visiting consultancy.

7.Running batters ad rapists community treatment programs.

8.Render consultation on your problems.

Render other services concerned.

◎ Who can help me?

County/City Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Prevention Center (Networks) of the nation

Keelung City(02)24201122

Taipei City(02)23961996. 080024995

New Taipei City(02)89653359

Taoyuan County(03)3322209

Hsinchu City (03)5216121

Hsinchu County (03)5558241

Miaoli County (037)364190

Taichung City (04)22258659. (04)25293453

Changhua County (04)7263130

Nantou County (049)2209290

Yunlin County (05)5348585

Chiayi City (05)2253850

Chiayi County (05)3620900

Tainan City (06)2991111. (06)6370074

Kaohsiung City (07)5355920. (07)7198322

Pingtung County(08)7385188

Penghu County(06)9274400

Kinman County(082)373000

Lienchiang County(0836)23575

I-lan County(03)9328822

Hualien County(03)8228995

Taitung County(089)347752Resources:Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Committee,Ministry of Interior

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