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Action for child and juvenile protection

1. Action for child and juvenile protection

(1)Each child has his/her right to gain sufficient care and disciplining, and to be free from abuse, negligence, and exploitation.

(2)Each child shall have a safe and long-standing family.

(3)Parents are the major provider for caring and resources for kids.

(4)Regardless of family types, each shall have its special value, feature, and dignity.

(5)The most suitable place for kids’ growth is the one that can maintain long-life secured and happy relationship.

(6)Most parents are intending and willing to play their roles properly.

(7)With assistances, most parents in difficulty can still play good roles, therefore, the society has liability to provide services to help them achieve their goals.

(8)When parents are not able or not willing to fulfill their responsibilities, the society has rights and obligations to involve to protect kids for their welfare.

2. Child abuse includes the following types:

(1)Physical abuse:
Physical damages caused cares of children or juveniles in non accidents, and resulting in death, appearance damage, and disable or losing body function, or creating the situations the same as above. Disciplining or punishment, over-done, beyond age, and unsuitable to the situation, is part of that.

(2)Mental abuse:
Reviling, deterring, threatening, disregarding, or excluding children and juvenile, or continuous unreasonable treatment, and being indifferent to child or juvenile welfare may hurt physical, intelligent, emotional, mental, and social development of children or juvenile.

(3)Sexual abuse:
It refers to adults taking children and juvenile as objects for sexual stimulation and making sexual contact with children and juvenile. It also includes the victimizer younger than 18 years old, but older than the victim or staying dominating or controlling status.

Due to innocence about, or unintentional or intentional negligence of basic needs of children or juvenile, the improper care causes or may cause mental and physical damages of children.

3. report:People are encouraged to report if finding any improper treatment for children or juvenile, such as abuse, negligence, or abandoning. Please dial 113, the nation-wide woman and children protection network, or report in department or bureau of social affairs in the city government of special municipality and county (city) governments.

Resources:National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior
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