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What Should be Prepared before a Typhoon?

1. Remove or nail up boards or signs hinging outside to avoid being blown off.
2. Private household should prepare candles, flashlights, radios, enough food and water, etc.
3. Check circuits and gas pipes to avoid fire.
4. Riverside or seaside inhabitants should migrate to higher areas as soon as possible to avoid flooding or saltwater intrusion.
5. Mountainous area residents should evacuate as soon as possible to avoid landslides, road collapse or mudslides.
6. Reinforce the coops or evacuate the poultry and livestock fed at riverside or waterfront to avoid loss.
7. Drive fishing boats into the harbor to take shelter from wind, fasten the boats and evacuate to safe places.
8. Never go to the seaside for fishing, tide-viewing or playing to avoid being swept away by huge waves.
9. Avoid parking cars in low-lying areas and dikes, to prevent being flooded.
10. Never intrude to flooded basements to avoid electric shocks.
11. Never rush into flooded roads to avoid accidents.
12. Reinforce construction site security measures and fix the scaffolds and fences.
  • Data update: 2019-09-03
  • Publish Date: 2011-12-16
  • Source: Fire Bureau
  • Hit Count: 1160
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