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More Notices to land owners in expropriated zone

What are the benefits of zone expropriation? How can a stakeholder deal with his/her disagreement to a land rights related dispute of zone expropriation?

Zone expropriation is a self-liquidating development project, a win-win measure for the government and the general public. For the entire community, a zone expropriation program can promote the overall development of land use, balance local development, and save the government from a huge sum of expenditure to buy land and construct public facilities and public works. For the land owners, they can enjoy the increase in land value, perfect public facilities and better environmental quality for their homes.
If a stakeholder disagrees with any land-rights related measure announced for the expropriation program, he or she can file in writing his or her objection to the competent authority during the expropriation announcement period. After accepting the objection letter, the competent authority shall immediately investigate into the facts, decide how to deal with the issue, and inform the stakeholder in writing of its investigation and decision. Within thirty days from the date of receiving the notice, the stakeholder who is not satisfied with the investigation results or land-based offset payment shall file a written plea stating the facts and reasons of refusal to the competent authority for subsequent processing. The competent authority may bring the issue to the Land Evaluation Committee for reconsideration. If the stakeholder still refuses to accept the outcome of the reconsideration, he or she may file an administrative relief case in accordance with the law.
  • Data update: 2018-02-14
  • Publish Date: 2013-01-07
  • Source: Land Administration Bureau
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