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How to apply for the proof of emergency ambulance service?

1. After a patient has been transported by an ambulance of Fire Bureau (Call 119) to a medical institution for emergency treatment, the patient himself/herself, his/her spouse, and/or lineal or extended family members can apply for the proof of emergency ambulance service.
2. The applicant shall submit the following documents:
(1) Application form (available at every fire branch office)
(2) Identity card or identity documents
(3) Application by proxy shall present a power of attorney (A lineal descendant can do so without a power of attorney) and the identity cards of both the applicant and the proxy.
3. Application methods:
(1) In person: You can go to any fire branch office nearest you to fill out the application form and then submit it together with supporting documents for check by our staff. The supporting documents will be returned to you after check and the proof of emergency ambulance service will be issued to you according to the number of copies you have requested.
(2) By mail: Download the application form from the website of Fire Bureau of Taichung City Government. Fill it out and then send it together with the photocopies of supporting documents by mail to the Fire Bureau of Taichung City Government. After your documents are verified to meet the requirements, the proof certificate(s) will be issued and sent back to you by registered mail on the same day.
  • Data update: 2018-02-14
  • Publish Date: 2015-09-01
  • Source: Fire Bureau
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