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How to promote mental health for oneself?

You can use the "SMILE" strategy to keep yourself in a happy mood. The SMILE strategy consists of 5 techniques, each of which is represented by one English alphabet: Sleep, Mobile, Interact, Love/Laugh, and Eat.

The five techniques of SMILE are:
1. Sleep (sleeping well): Develop a good habit for work and rest, and avoid staying up late, so that you can effectively reduce the feeling of weariness and keep yourself in high spirit.
2. Mobile (moving around often): Try any healthy activities that can release pressure, such as relaxation, massage, meditation, singing, etc. Do regular physical exercise in particular, because it can increase the concentration of serotonin, making you feel good.
3. Interact (fond of chatting): Chat with family and friends. Chatting allows you to relieve pressure and get good advice and help from others in the face of setbacks.
4. Love/laugh (full of love and laugh): Always keep positive attitudes and beliefs. Always keep smiling and care for people around you. Love/laugh can help us face challenges.
5. Eat (eating healthy): Eat foods that help reduce physical and mental anxiety, such as food containing vitamin B complex (like oatmeal, whole-grain bread and others), and eat less fried foods.

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