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How can a foreign national apply for naturalization and a national identity card?

1. Requirements for a foreign national to apply for ROC naturalization are (Articles 3 to 9 of the Nationality Act):
(1) A valid Alien Resident Certificate or Alien Permanent Residence Permit. (A foreigner should apply for residence visa at the ROC Embassy and use the residence visa to apply for the Alien Resident Certificate at the service station of National Immigration Agency in his/her domicile within 15 days after he/she enters Taiwan.) (The Alien Permanent Residence Permit shall be applied at the National Immigration Agency of the Ministry of the Interior.)
(2) Alien Residence Certificate. (To comply with the Nationality Act, a foreign national shall continually reside in the territory of the ROC for more than 183 days every year without interruption for over a certain period. Overstay for less than 30 days shall be deemed as an uninterrupted residence; the residence periods during the blue-collar employment and schooling shall not be included in the calculation and this rule applies to a dependent foreign national who enters into Taiwan to join his/her family.)
(3) He/she is above 20 years old and has the capacity to act in accordance with both the laws of the ROC and the laws of his/her own country.
(4) He/she behaves decently and has no records of crime.
(5) He/she has enough property or professional skills for his/her self-support or ensuring his/her living.
(6) He/she possesses basic language ability in the language of our country and understands the basic common knowledge of national's rights and obligations.
(7) He/she has lost his/her previous nationality.
2. After obtaining his/her ROC nationality, a foreign national shall handle the following matters to get his/her national identity card:
(1) He/she shall apply to the National Immigration Agency for residence and settlement in Taiwan in accordance with relevant provisions of the Immigration Act and its enforcement rules.
(2) After obtaining the residence and settlement certificate, he/she can then register his/her household and apply for a national identity card at the Household Registration Office in his/her domicile.
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  • Publish Date: 2015-11-30
  • Source: Civil Affairs Bureau
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