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How to resolve labor-management dispute?

1. In event of a labor-management dispute, it is advised that both parties seek resolution through negotiation and discussion. If the labor works in Taichung City and requires Labor Affairs Bureau’s assistance in mediation, please visit Labor Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government in person or download the Labor-management Dispute Mediation Application Form from Labor Affairs Bureau’s website (http://www.labor.taichung.gov.tw, under Labor-management Relations/Labor-management Dispute). After filling in the argument and details of both parties, deliver it to the 1F joint service center of Wenxin Building in Labor Affairs Bureau in person, or fax the application to 04-22520417; the application can be mailed to 4F (Huizhong Building), No. 99, Sec. 3, Taiwan Boulevard, Xitun Di., Taichung City. After receiving the application, the Labor Affairs Bureau will convene a mediation meeting for both parties at a specified location to discuss the alleged dispute.
2. In order to ensure the convenience of labor and management, Labor Affairs Bureau has collaborated with District Offices in nine districts, including: Heping, Dongshi, Dajia, Shalu, Taiping, Wuri, Beitun, Dali and Nantun, so that mediation meetings between labor and management can take place at a venue near the respective parties without having to travel to and from downtown Taichung.
For any labor-management disputes in Taichung City, please contact (04) 22289111 ext. 35100.
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