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Lively Kun Shan and Fragrant Paradise ─ Taichung City Kun Shan Elementary School

Nicknamed as Yangmingshan in central Taiwan, Xinshi District is considered as the backyard garden of Taichung City. Located in Xinshi District and surrounded by the blue sky and magnificent natural scenery, Kun Shan Elementary School is just like a beautiful and poetic painting or a pearl in the mountainous paradise. Under the concerted efforts of our teachers and students, Kun Shan Elementary School develops a curriculum full of creativity, vitality, and characteristics. Any encounter with Kun Shan Elementary School gives you heart-felt and everlasting feeling.

Upholding the concept that teachers excel in professionalism, a campus is beautified with culture, and characteristics adds value for a school, our teachers and parents have developed a curriculum so unique that our teachers have enjoyed the opportunities to enhance their capabilities while parents have demonstrated their expertise. Working together with the community, Kun Shan Elementary School provides our students with excellent learning environment.

“The Multiple Learning Stage" is where our students showcase their academic achievements, drill martial arts, play flute and ocarina, or explain ecological situations. It is here that our kids are cultivated to be elites who respect life and take things seriously and who can read, write, speak, think, do, and even fight like soldiers. Visitors to our school are always fascinated by our kids, shouting "It's amazing.”

It is our goal to develop special features of our school and to reduce the gap between urban and rural areas, so that our students can have the same performance as those kids in the big cities and will be more competitive in the future after the guidance of our teachers.
Our professional team has designed a series of courses, including Plowing Deep into Kun Shan, Exploration of Qi-Fen Village, Field Trips to Xinshi District, which focus on local art and aesthetics, ecology and environment, natural landscape, culture and humanities. Interwoven with the five fragrances of books, artworks, fruits, mushrooms, and grass, our curriculum featuring “Lively Kun Shan and Fragrant Paradise" is considered as a classic among all the schools with special features, thus making our school a pilgrimage target for study tour.

You can’t see fireflies under the broad daylight, can you? Yes, we can. Inside the multi-level ecosystem conservation areas of our Starlight Forest, you can see a diversity of native plants of Taiwan. On top of that, the biggest attraction is that you can see fluorescence flashing here and there in the daytime. Our rich and vivid study-tour courses make it not only very convenient for our teachers and students to teach and to learn what the books have to say but also very handy to practice "knowledge out of the book and ability into life" if we add in some important issues for advocacy. It is hoped that the abilities our kids learn and develop here can go with them and influence them forever.

A modern and traditional combination, Kun Shan Elementary School is "small but complete". Our school provides the B&B (bed and breakfast) guesthouses in the neighborhood with a creative and natural learning environment, while they are also our best strategic alliance partners. The well-designed agricultural gardens of "Zhimin Village", "Chan Hui Park" and "Springs Home" not only stretch our “classrooms” vastly but often surprise every visitor, who may feel like running into a dead end at one moment but is completely touched by the vista at the next turn. Field-trip courses at Kun Shan Elementary School offer you the opportunity to access to local culture and Nature. Walking down the country paths and strolling along the little streams, you hear the birds and the dogs, you feel the beauty of heaven and earth, and you find many new things to learn at the corner of every turn. What a joy!
Are you still hesitant in selecting which unique school to visit? Come to Kun Shan Elementary School. The more you get to know it, the more willing you will be to embrace it. Visitors to our school always say, “Kun Shan Elementary School is really very distinctive!” With the deep devotion of our teachers and students, Kun Shan Elementary School is not only a wonderland but also a pearl in the mountainous paradise.

A Profile of Kun Shan Elementary School
Kun Shan Elementary School is located at the northwest of Xinshi District, Taichung City, bordering Shi-Gang District in the north and Fengyuan District to the west. The area is at an altitude of five hundred fifty meters above sea level. Most of the residents are farmers, leading a simple and thrifty life. Raised up in such a natural environment, our students are innocent, lively, and cheerful in personality. Founded in September 1957, Kun Shan Elementary School is now more than fifty years old and has a beautiful campus with safe and fully-equipped learning facilities, thanks to the painstaking efforts contributed by all our principals, teachers, parents and the community in the course of time. In the future, we will continue to take forward-looking perspective in the planning and construction of our school, keep abreast with the trend of education in the new century, carefully implement the nine-year new curriculum, and encourage our teachers to put students at the center when designing their curriculum, teaching methods, and teaching assessment. It is hoped that our students will actively explore the world and cultivate their own problem-solving abilities and that a sophisticated, warm and harmonious campus can be created in Kun Shan.

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