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Taichung City Wenchang Elementary School

Qiang: Taichung City does not border the ocean. Why do you choose marine education as one of the features for your school?

Guo: It is true if you look at the artificial administrative boundaries! Why can’t we promote maritime education only because we are not a coastal city? No! If you look at the interaction level with the sea, only those small coastal villages that can really enjoy the sea breeze are interacting with the sea. Except for them, can you identify any one single urban and rural area in Taiwan bordering the sea?
Qiang: That being the case, you should not even touch the topic, should you?
Guo: Wrong! Our government has long paid attention to this strange phenomenon. Marine education has been put among the major topics in the new nine-year syllabus of basic education in 2011.
Qiang: Is this related to your choice of marine education as a special feature of your school?
Guo: We are convinced that marine education is an emerging area worthy of deep exploration. As citizens of a maritime nation, we bravely select marine education as a characteristic topic for school development, especially when we think of the basic idea that we must develop it because there is none yet.
Qiang: How do you establish the features of marine education in your school?
Guo: We have built up a "Marine Showroom" in our Marine Education Park in Wenchang Elementary School. Please follow me!
Qiang: Wow! A lot of shells!
Guo: Yes! Shellfish are accounted for about 90% of all the exhibits. Together with coral, sea urchins, starfish, crabs, sponges, fish, etc., we have collected about 1,000 specimens covering over 550 kinds of marine creatures, all of which are displayed in accordance with biological classification system and labeled with Chinese name and scientific name. Everyone enjoys walking through the showroom and looking at these specimens, whether he or she is taking an academic or artistic viewpoint.
Qiang: Is this tank a seawater aquarium?
Guo: Yes! This is a seawater aquarium, in which we have not only the big star - Nimo clown fish but also damselfish, butterfly fish and other species. To completely present the seabed ecology, we have also kept the invertebrates, including corals, sea anemones, sea cucumbers, starfish, cherry shrimps, etc. This colorful underwater world has always stunned our kids. They are so excited that they may exclaim again and again!
Qiang: Hey! What does this corner of sand beach mean?
Guo: This is an ecological landscaping set up with a “beach” of shells. Many of our kids, when squatting in front of it, feel like sitting on the real sandy beach and often forget where they are! One of their favorite activities is looking for a romantic sand star. Kids declare it is a treasure hunt to them.
Qiang: How lucky kids in the Wenchang are! Although living in Taichung City, they are able to enjoy the romance of the sea!
Guo: It is the most important that children keep the desire to explore. Please open the drawers of the display cabinet, which is the “treasure quest” area for children. Each drawer contains a different type of shells. Kids are allowed to take them up and play. This makes them feel wonderful by eliminating the regret of seeing without touching.
Qiang: The wall is fully posted with photos of underwater scenes. You must have your intention here, right?
Guo: What a professional cultural and education correspondent you are! The full-size ocean floor picture posted on the wall is meant to create an imagery in which visitors are on the seabed, so as to create an oceanic atmosphere for this marine education park. Underwater photography on the wall is intended to make up for the gap which the showroom can not render. It is hoped that we can make the exhibition more comprehensive.
Qiang: No wonder! I feel particularly relaxed the moment when I step in here.
Guo: The ocean classroom next to this showroom is a heart-warming room for communication, which is divided into three information centers, namely books, video, and digital kiosks. Our school teachers have developed six themes, further developed into 24 course modules, to help students understand the ocean in-depth. The showroom and the peripheral hardware and software have made our marine education here not longer an illusory dream.
Qiang: As an off topic, can I suggest that the teachers of my own kid take his students to visit you here and learn after you.
Guo: Of course! It is our hope, too. Educational resources should be used to benefit all our children. Wenchang Marine Education Park always welcomes the visit of everyone, kids and adults alike.
A Profile of Wenchang Elementary School
Founded in 1988, Wenchang Elementary School was designed with a capacity to accommodate 36 classes. However, it took up to 61 classes during the heydays, because it is always highly accredited in the neighborhood for its hard-working and effective teachers. The number of classes has dropped to 40 due to low birth rates in the recent years. Wenchang Elementary School has been well known in Taiwan for its handball teams since the founding of the school. Our handball team has participated in international competitions in Europe and won the top spot for many times. For the past 10 years, our teachers have devoted themselves in the promotion of nature and life science education. Science education events are held in school every year, winning high recognition from the parents.
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