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Liveable Taichung Three Routes Project

Liveable Taichung Three Routes Project

This is a road expansion and rationalization project to improve the flow of traffic throughout Taichung by focussing on three major routes that connect up various existing major thoroughfares that run throughout Taichung. This is meant to acheive various purposes, all dedicated to making Taichung a more efficient and liveable city.

The routes extend throughout what was, prior to the city/county merger, Taichung City and County. Whereas previously road planning in the county and city wasn't always handled with the 'big picture' in mind, this plan aims for better integration.

This project should make it easier for people living farther from downtown to reach major centers of employment quickly, including the Central Taiwan Science Park, the Industrial Park, the Taichung Precision Machinery Park and Taichung Port. It will also allow them to more quickly reach shopping and cultural destinations downtown. For downtown residents, it will make it easier to reach outlying employment centers and to be able to take advantage of Taichung's natural scenic areas.

Routes, transportation infrastructure and important places connected up in the project:
Highway 17, LingGang Road Section 2
GangNan Rd, Wuqi District
Route 61 Coastal Expressway Longjing District exit
Highway 1, ZhongHua Road Sections 1 and 2
ZhongXing Road, Longjing District
Taiwan Rail Association's Coastal Line
Longshan Elementary School
ZhongXing Road, Shalu District
Freeway 3, Longjing exit
ZhongLong Road Section 2
Longfong Elementary School
Siwei Middle School
ZhongLong Road Section 1, Dadu District
XiangShang Road
Taichung Industrial Park
Route 136, WuQuan West Road Sections 2 and 3
Taichung Precision Machinery Park
Wenshan Citizen's Elementary School, Nantun District
Freeway 1 (Sun Yat-sen Freeway)
Route 74, ZhongZhang Expressway
HuanZhong Road Section 4

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  • Data update: 2023-05-17
  • Publish Date: 2011-11-17
  • Source: Urban Development Bureau
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