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Paying Your Gas Bill

A representative from the gas company usually calls in once a month to read your gas meter. A pink form will be left behind should you not be home when he calls. Enter the meter reading on this pink form and leave it displayed somewhere prominent, so the meter reader can pick it up when he calls again.

Gas bills can be paid at most chain convenience stores such as 7-11, OK and Family Mart. (Check the back of your bill to make sure which convenience stores accept payments for these bills.)They can also be paid at banks, post offices or the gas company. You can also arrange to have automatic payments deducted directly from your bank account. Payments are due within seven days of billing, late payments can only be made at the Shin Chung Natural Gas Company.

Shin Chung Natural Gas (欣中天然氣股份有限公司)
websites: www.scgas.com.tw (Chinese only)
Customer Service Hotline: 0800-099977

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