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Bus Links to Taichung

Taiwan's small size makes traveling by bus very convenient. There are many bus companys running the length of the island. Some of the require you to transfer at stops just off the highway. From here, smaller busses will take you into the city. Due to high passenger volumes, many busses run on 24 hr. scheduleswith buses leaving every 20-30 minutes. On the weekends it is difficult to get a seat so leave yourself plenty of time or book in advance. Also, due to heavy traffic volumes always allow extra time when taking a bus. If you know time will be an issue, plan to take a train and book in advance. Reaching Taichung by bus is easy and efficient. Taichung has two main stops.The first is just off the high way at Chao Ma. The second is at the Taichung Train Station. Passengers wishing to get off somewhere in between need just notify the driver. The most popular bus lines running the length of the island are as follows:

Kuokuang Bus Corp.

0800-010-138; (03)383-4004

Free Go Express

(02)2586-3065 ; (03)393-1351

Toward You Air Bus Co.


Evervoyage Transport Corp.

(03)3570498; 3833801; 3931707

United Highway Bus

(02)2995-7799; 2995-8735;(03) 383-4779

Taoyuan Bus Corp.


Dragon Bus

0800-550599; (02)2571-0166

Aloha Bus

For information on taking a bus from the CKS International Airport, please visit:


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  • Publish Date: 2011-11-16
  • Source: Transportation Bureau
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