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Traffic Regulations

For a more comprehensive list of traffic regulations, you can get a copy of them in booklet form from the Taichung Motor Vehicle Office or check the official website of the the Taichung Motor Vehicle Office at Taichung Motor Vehicle Office, they have a downloadable version available on line as well.

Here are a few basic traffic rules which you might find handy to know:

The speed limit is indicated on the speed limit signs or lines. If there is no signs or lines, drivers should follow the regulations as follows:

The speed limit is 50 km/hr. But on the roads without lane markers, or reversible lanes, or without separation lines for slow and fast lanes, the speed limit is 30 km/hr.

Traffic at intersections

  • Drivers should follow the traffic light or the instruction of traffic police. If the traffic police and the light are both present, the driver should follow the instruction of the traffic police.
  • At intersections without any light signs or instruction of traffic police, follow the rule of “ first come, first go”.
  • Car at branch lines should yield to the cars at distributor routes.
  • Drivers who are going to make a turn should yield to those who drive straight.
  • If both drivers are driving straight or making turns, the car on the left should yield to the one on the right.
  • When both cars coming from opposite directions enter the same lane after making turns, the one making right turn should yield to the one making left turn.
  • At round about with a single lane, the cars, which are already in the round about, should go first.
  • At roundabouts (traffic circles) about with multiple lanes, the cars at inner lane should go first.

    Useful Websites:
    Electronic Motor Vehicle & Driver Information System (English)
    Taichung Motor Vehicles Office
    National Immigration Agency
  • Data update: 2022-12-01
  • Publish Date: 2015-03-24
  • Source: Police Department
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