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Other Commonly Celebrated Dates

Other Commonly Celebrated Dates
Other Commonly Celebrated Dates

The following dates are also commonly celebrated or marked as special days, but are not official National Holidays, meaning that generally there is no time off from work or school for the general population. Some dates, such as Chiang Kai-shek's Birthday or Constitution Day, used to be National Holidays but were later changed.

 *  Youth Day: March 29
 *  Women's & Children's Day: April 4
 *  Mothers' Day: Second Sunday of May
 *  Fathers' Day: August 8
 *  Ghost Festival: 15th day of seventh lunar month
 *  Armed Forces Day: September 3
 *  Teachers' Day/Confucius' Birthday: September 28
 *  Taiwan Retrocession Day: October 25
 *  Chiang Kai-shek's Birthday: October 31
 *  Sun Yat-sen's Birthday: November 12
 *  Constitution Day: December 25



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