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DongShi Sindingban Festival

Mayor Lu joins Sindingban Festival with guests.
Mayor Lu joins Sindingban Festival with guests.

Hakka has a variety of choices in their cuisine culture, among which, “Ban” is made for different kinds of festivals and plays an important role. The culture of Ban starts with praying for newborn boys to grow up safely, and Sindingban is a symbol to share the happiness with relatives and neighbors, which has been a tradition for Hakka culture. DongShi area has inherited the culture for decades, and promotes DongShi Sindingban Festival to the world, which is one of the top 12 Festivals certified by Council for Hakka Affairs.

Besides, several different kinds of Sindingban are shown in many ways. For instance, “Peach Ban” is for new-born daughters. On the Lantern Festival, “Red Ban” is made to thank Gods’ blessing, and the dessert will be shared with family and friends after the ceremony. Furthermore, local residents will hold a competition of making a large, delicious and creative “Huge Ban” in front of temples, which has been a famous activity to celebrate the Lantern Festival in Dongshi.

  • Data update: 2023-04-13
  • Publish Date: 2023-04-13
  • Source: Council for Hakka Affairs
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