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Photos and rituals of Confucian’ Birthday Ceremony (5)

  • Date: 2018-06-08
  • Issued by: Civil Affairs Bureau

14. Presenting Sacrificial Feast: "The Song of Peace – 1” is called to play and the deacons offer the sacrificial feast.

Note: Sacrificial feasts must be offered in a respectful mood just like treating someone alive. Sacrificial offerings in the ancient times may include wine, sweet wine, fresh meat, minced meat, jade objects, and silk fabrics, etc., all of which were what our ancestors enjoyed when they were alive.

15. Offering Incense: "The Song of Peace - 2" is called to play. Principal Presentation Officer and Collateral Presentation Officers light up joss sticks and worship the various tablets of sages.

16. First Ceremony of Three Bows: The Master of Ceremony sings, “All stand still and bow three times.” All the attendants salute by three bows at the same time.

Note: Three kneelings and nine kowtows were practiced in the former system but three bows are exercised in the current rites according to the revision announced by the Ministry of the Interior in 1970.

17. Initial Principal Presentation: "The Song of Peace - 2" is called to play. The Banner Holder raises up the banner. The Jie Holder raises up the “jie”. Music is played and dance is performed. Principal Presentation Officer offers silk and wine to Confucius’s tablet.

Note: Wine was offered three times in an ancient ceremony. The act was called “ three offerings” or "three enjoyments”.

18. Initial Collateral Presentation: Each of the Collateral Presentation Officers makes an offering to each tablet of the sages enshrined in the east and west verandas of Da Cheng Hall.

  • Date : 2012-10-11
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