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Photos and rituals of Confucian’ Birthday Ceremony (2)

  • Date: 2018-06-08
  • Issued by: Civil Affairs Bureau

5. Student Musicians and Ba Yi Dancers Take Positions: Following the drum rhythms, the Banner Holder leads the student musicians and the Jie Holder ('Jie' is tall red staffs with a yellow tasseled cord hung from the top) guides the Ba Yi dancers to their designated spots.

Note: Following the drum rhythms, the Banner Holder guides student musicians and singers to walk but pause every five steps before continuing to their designated positions at the flanks of Da Cheng Hall(or Hall of Great Achievements). The Jie Holder leads Ba Yi dancers, walking from the atrium to the staircases at the east and west side of the Da Cheng Hall and walk up the palace stairs onto the platform and stand there, also pausing and walking every five steps following the drum rhythms.

6. Ceremonial Attendants Take Positions: They also walk and pause every five steps following the drum rhythms.

Note: Ceremonial Attendants are assistants to the Presentation Officers in performing various festival etiquette in temples.

7. Ceremonial Inspector Takes Position: Ceremonial Inspector follows a Ceremonial Attendant to the east front of the palace steps.

Note: In the ceremonies held in Taichung City, the Ceremonial Inspector is usually assumed by the Director-general of Civil Affairs Bureau to correct any mistakes happening in the etiquette.

8. Accompanying Consecration Officers Take Positions: Accompanying Consecration Officers are guided to their designated spots in front of the Da Cheng Gate.

Note: Accompanying Consecration Officers are usually assumed by the principals of local junior high and elementary schools or political figures or religious heads. They stand in the front of the Da Cheng Gate with the Presentation Officers to symbolize the magnificence and solemnity of the ceremony.

  • Date : 2012-10-11
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