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Unique Experiences

Taiwan is an island filled with unique sights, sounds, tastes and adventures. Many of these are covered on this site. No visit to Taiwan is complete, however, unless one tries some of the unique experiences Taiwan has to offer.

Whether it is visiting a local fortune teller, trying a foot massage based on traditional acupuncture techniques or seeing a puppet show - each activity represents a unique facet of Taiwan's culture.

Of course, the culture in Taiwan did not descend solely from China - there are the Austronesian cultures of the original inhabitants of the island. Indeed, it is now known that the entire Austronesian expansion - from Hawaii to New Zealand to Madagascar, originated here in Taiwan.

Not only does Taiwan have a strong local culture, it has been influenced by a variety of sources that have all contributed to its rich heritage. Be sure to try some of the options mentioned in this section and in other sections of this site!


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