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Divination by Features of the Face

Many Chinese believe that the face can be used to predict one's future and fortune, as well as indicate the level of one's health and energy. This form of fortune telling from the face has a long history that dates back to about the 6th century BC and possibly had its start with Taoist shamans in rural areas of China. By the time of Confucius, a number of well-known writings on the subject had been produced.

Facial fortune tellers--usually identified by the face divination chart signs posted outside their shops and night market stands--consider the shape of all the major features of the face. A detailed profile of a person can be developed, using the energies of the features, "life points" of the face, and three facial divisions (forehead, mid face, lower face). These features' combinations and relative yin and yang properties determine one's fortune and destiny. Ten facial types are recognised, with each type having its own fate characteristics that may reflect on a range of areas, from intelligence to gambling luck.

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