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Resource recycling


A. Resource recovery and source reduction
  1. Removal of scrap motor vehicles on the streets
  2. Provision of recycling facilities
(recycling bins, kitchen waste recycling bins, battery recycling tube, waste oil recycling bins and other facilities)
  3. Management of mandatory recyclable waste operators and vendors
  4. Restriction on the use of shopping plastic bags and disposable plastic (including Styrofoam) tableware
  5. Promotion of the use of repeatable tableware.
  6. Restriction on the manufacture, import, and sale of mercury battery
  7. Management of mandatory recyclable waste recycling and treatment industry
  8. Promotion of reputation building and nesting in the community for waste recycling and treatment industry.
  9. Restriction on excessive product packaging
  10. Setting up sales centers for second-hand materials
  11. Restriction on the use of plastic trays and packaging boxes
  12. Implementation and advocacy of mandatory waste sorting and recycling.
  13. Promotion of resource recycling and reuse
  14. Waste oil recycling
  15. Source reduction of disposable drinking cup
  16. Restriction on products include microbead
  17. Promotion of self-provide tableware and shopping bags
B. Promotion of kitchen waste recycling
  1. Promotion of diversified recycling processes for kitchen waste
  2. Promotion of raw kitchen waste and cooked kitchen classification waste policy
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  • Publish Date: 2020-12-31
  • Source: Environmental Protection Bureau
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