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Introduction to city tree

Introduction to city tree
Introduction to city tree

Name: Five-leaved Pine (五葉松)
Scientific name: Pinus morrisonicola
Family: Pinaceae
Location: Five-leaved Pine is highly valued for its ornamental and landscape beautification purposes. Distributed in Heping and Dongshi mountains in Taichung, Five-leaved Pine is the most commonly used tree for landscape beautification in Taiwan. It is widely cultivated in Puli, Dongshi, Guguan, and other garden landscaping areas.
Endemic to Taiwan, the Five-leaved Pine is widely distributed in the plains and mountains at medium elevations. It can be often seen growing on cliffs or in dry barren soil because it likes slightly acidic soil. Pine, bamboo, and plum are acclaimed as “Three Friends of Winter” by our ancients because the pine is an evergreen tree, which can endure very cold weather and which always appears in a majestic shape. Thus, pines have always been the favorite subjects of Chinese painters since the ancient times. The Five-leaved Pine in Taiwan, meanwhile, is the most widely used species for landscape beautification. It is extensively cultivated in Puli and Dongshi regions.
Pines are widely planted in temples, palaces and gardens, where they match the rockery and man-made caves side by side to create a delicate or magnificent view. Taiwan five-leaved pines can be planted in single or in group. It looks very beautiful in either way.

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