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Main Roads & Orientation

To orient oneself in Taichung there are several major reference points. Geographically, to the east and the west of the city are mountains - which are usually visible during the daytime.

The most commonly used roads used as references are noted on the map associated with this page. The two most commonly used roads for reference are TaiZhongGang (also written as Taichung Harbour, Taichung Port or TaiJungGang) and WenXin (also written as WenHsin, WenShin) - and their intersection is a good central point for orientation in the city.

TaiZhongGang Rd changes it's name when it enters LongJing and Shalu Districts to ZhongQi Road, though this may be changed in 2011 or 2012--but in all cases it is also noted as Highway 12.
Another major reference is the Sun Yat-sen Freeway (Freeway 1), which runs north-south along the foothills of DaDu mountain to west.
Other landmarks include department stores and parks, also noted on the map with this page.

On a more specific or detailed level, foreigners often use the ubiquitous 7-11 stores as markers for giving directions. For example 'go down TaiZhongGang road past WenXin towards downtown. Turn right at the first 7-11.'

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