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Set sail with dreams – Mathematics visionary workshop

Set sail with dreams – Mathematics visionary workshop
Set sail with dreams – Mathematics visionary workshop

Collaborative preparation to facilitate professional development has taken the education scene in Taiwan by storm. Unlike previous passive top-down approach with a predetermined theme, teachers’ professional development now emphasizes the so-called “prepare your own research and study” concept. Not only is the selfless spirit of leaders embodied in the form of many “celebrity self-taught teachers” on the Internet, their motivation to stay hungry for knowledge also resonates with the core philosophy of New 12-Year Basic Education Curriculum Guidelines: own volition, interaction and mutual benefit. For instance, curriculum supervisor Chang-hung Chung’s SCI-Flipper, Chung Gang Senior High School teacher Fu-chien Peng’s Mathematics Café, Daya District Daming Elementary School teacher Wei-tuan Chang’s Social Region Collaborative Preparation Community and Qingshui District Qingshui Elementary School teacher Wei-min Chen’s System Elementary School Mathematics Collaborative Preparation Workshop etc. are all benchmarks for voluntary collaborative preparation and learning. 
In light of this, under the premise of “presenting unconventional teaching style”, Education Bureau, Taichung City Government especially commissioned the counselor from Compulsory Education Advisory Group’s elementary school mathematics counseling team - who is also the winning teacher of 2017 Education, Parenting, Family Lifestyle Education Innovation 100 award – Mr. Wei-min Chen to help organize 6 “Mathematics Visionary” workshops. Domestic mathematics experts such as Cheng-I Juan, Hsi-mei Fang, Fu-tang Hsu, Yu-jen Liu and Yu-chen Wang will be present to share, interact and growth with the audience (please refer to the following table for presentation theme). At the same time, “group sharing and guidance” activity is introduced, focusing on professional dialogues and sharing experiences on collaborative preparation, thereby internalizing the lecture into actionable plans. 
Another major highlight of the workshop is the first teacher holiday studying and daycare service in the country. On December 9 (Saturday), the elementary school edutainment camp will be organized for the first time, allowing participating teachers to focus on improving their professional studies. 
Director-general Fu-yuen Peng perceives special importance in promoting the workshop, indicating that the spirit of openly observing and discussing the new curriculum aims to breakdown classroom boundaries so that teachers can establish their personal learning map and skill improvement timetable in a voluntary and spontaneous manner. This is the future trend of developing teachers’ professionalism. Consequently, in the future the Education Bureau will strive to encourage the development of regional, inter-school collaborative preparation communities in order to build a crossover, interdisciplinary learning platform for teachers. At the same time, the Education Bureau also pay extra attention to cater to the teachers’ study and daycare needs during the holidays by offering the best, most attentive school children daycare service, hoping to create a comprehensive supporting system to foster teachers’ professional development. 
The workshop will be co-organized by Dali District Yonglong Elementary School, and it is scheduled for its maiden voyage on November 11 (Saturday), all elementary teachers nationwide are welcome to sign up for the workshop. Each workshop is limited to 200 teachers, and teachers from Taichung City will be selected first. For more information about the event and registration method, please refer to each posters or fliers for each workshop.

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