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NHI Premium Subsidies to Foreign Spouses before Naturalization

Q1: What foreign spouses can apply for NHI premium subsidies?
A1: Foreign spouses before naturalization (including the widowed and the divorced but solely supporting minor children in Taiwan) who have been listed in the low-to-middle-income households by the special municipality or county (city) government and who have participated in National Health Insurance.
Q2: Who can apply?
(A) In principle, the applicant is a ROC spouse who has been listed in the low-income household or near-poor households.
(B) Under the following circumstances, a foreign spouse can make the application himself/herself:
1. The ROC spouse is dead and the foreign spouse is not married again.
2. The ROC spouse has been listed as missing with the police for at least six months, and the family is listed in the low-to-middle-income households.
3. After divorce from the ROC spouse, the foreign spouse has been solely supporting the minor children in Taiwan.
4. A foreign spouse who has been listed in the low-to-middle-income households or holds a protection order or a document issued by the police, a social affairs agency, or an insurer that proves that he or she is a victim of domestic violence. The foreign spouse has independently participated in the NHI program.
Q3: How much premium is subsidized?
1. Self-paid premium will be subsidized in full for a foreign spouse before naturalization and listed in the low-income households.
2. 50% of self-paid premium will be subsidized for a foreign spouse before naturalization and listed in the near-poor households.
Q4: How to apply for the premium subsidies? What documents are required?
(A) The applicant shall fill out the Application Form for “subsidy of self-paid premium for a foreign spouse before naturalization,” enclose the relevant supporting documents, and submit them to the District Liaison Office of the National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA).
(B) The relevant documents are:
1. A photocopy of national identity card of the applicant and the trustee.
2. A photocopy of residence permit.
3. A photocopy of the applicant's household registration.
4. A photocopy of missing person report.
5. The domestic violence restraining order within the period of validity.
6. Supporting documents for low-to-middle-income households.

  • Data update: 2018-02-15
  • Publish Date: 2015-11-02
  • Source: Civil Affairs Bureau
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