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Chengkungling region development planning

A case study on the development planning for Chengkungling region 

A. In response to the established army enlistment policy and the re-use of idle military land to preserve the site’s unique military historical background and cultural heritage, we have recently chosen for our military and cultural development plans some priorities, such as “experience, leisure, and tourism”. For instance, military museums of every branch, such as the Army Museum, are suggested to be a part of the National Defense Education Base to incorporate military facilities into tourism resources. For the development of Chengkungling region together with the preservation and re-use of military buildings and facilities, it is hoped that the concepts of cultural and creative industries can be injected into the leisure travel development plans, so that tourists can experience some sort of military life in a leisure and natural environment. To promote local prosperity, it is suggested that the traffic systems in the Chengkungling region must be improved in a way that will not only reduce the impact on land development and space transformation but also revitalize the use of Chengkungling military base in its unique style.

B. Objectives of this project are:

  1. to integrate military facilities and resources with scenic attractions in Taichung City to form a sightseeing tour zone so as to attract tourist crowds and revive the local economy; 
  2. to progressively transform, preserve and revive the in-service military facilities, artifacts, and equipment and weapons in the Chengkungling region; 
  3. to design an overall framework for development projects, including the military culture and leisure experience park, the nostalgic imagery district, the historical and cultural memorial, and the Military Heritage Museum;
  4. to conceptualize the establishment of a national capital or “Capitol Hill” on Chengkungling for the proposal that the central government move to Taichung;
  5. to work out recreational routes to attract tourists under the guidance of one-day high-speed rail tour packages.
    The overall development planning of Chengkungling can be divided into short-term, med-term and long-term plans. The short-term and med-term planning will focus on transforming the original Chengkungling base and its surrounding area into a military culture and education center. The intermediate-range planning will be aimed at upgrading Chengkungling into a military cultural park after its land is subsequently released, reaching a certain scale. The long-term planning will focus on the establishment of the back-up national capital and “Capitol Hill” in central Taiwan. It is to "save ecological landscape and art space" for the military culture that shall always serve as the core concept. In other words, the key points will be how to highlight the unique military history and culture, combine technology with ecological environment to construct military culture as the core, and emphasize the evolution of military culture. It is hoped that through the combination of existing military facilities and landscape art, people will gain awareness and pay more attention to military culture and opportunities of international exchange will be also provided.
  • Data update: 2023-04-10
  • Publish Date: 2012-09-03
  • Source: Urban Development Bureau
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