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◆ The establishment of decision support systems

Specific measure 1: to promote the completion of four-year intermediate stage policy plans and revitalize local economy

To combine the new mechanism for performance management and intermediate stage and annual policy plans, strengthen strategic management and performance management, enhance administrative efficiency, to demonstrate city competitiveness, improve local development, the government will continue to promote writing the intermediate stage (2007 to 2010) policy plan to implement the annual performance evaluation system.

◆ Strengthen information control and management

1. Establish a construction information control and management system with data sharing capability

Establishing an open database for control and evaluation affairs that avoid duplication with unification. Once a major construction project of the government has been approved by the budget, it will be submitted into the "annual policy planning management system" to establish its own database and integrate all functions so that in the future, different units can search and print information they need. Through this control and management system of information, it regulate all constructions by categories, which reduces the difference in information with different control and management methods and reduce the handling time of contractors to actually achieve information sharing and decision making support. During construction, all progress is reported back to the system immediately and offers a solution if a problem is encountered. To coordinate in advance instead of punishing afterward, to treat other colleagues and contractors with a sincere attitude to enhance cooperation and that all projects can be done according to schedule. And when conducting an on-site verification, the use of a digital camera to photograph the construction site and the completion results, then stored the digital photos, it quickly and realistically reflect the actual on-site verification result and demonstrate the results of city construction.

2.Increase efficiency of Information system

The government has many regulated projects that vary in nature. Sometimes one project is regulated because its a major project, it is also regulated because of the demands by the Public Construction Commission or the Central Subsidy, resulting in duplication input of the same project in different systems, which has become an administrative burden. To reduce the burden of different construction units, the government has been developing a “Mobile application of Taichung City Government Construction control and evaluation system" by the end of 2005, where through this one system, different units can upload related information of the project and update the progress into other system to eliminate duplicate login and a waste of administrative resources, thus improving administrative work efficiency. In addition, the system will provide supervisor online search function that offers a more timely and digitized management in the future.

◆ Application of digital planning

1.improving the city geographic information technology, providing 3D application environment

Will change the current two-dimensional geographic information-based search into a three-dimensional overview of the city. Including multi-resolution terrain, all kinds of buildings and facilities, and can read images of city buildings constructed by remote sensing and add it directly into the virtual urban environment in order to understand the status of the city's urban development and setting related urban development plans.

2.Establish a public welfare information network that provides real-time living information

Cooperation between the government geographic information system, digital photography and satellite positioning systems monitor system (GPS) integration, disasters (such as fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane), theft, health care, education, resource allocation and other network management and emergency notification mechanism can be planned. Not only can receiving real-time disaster control information and strengthen disaster prevention and public safety system, it can also provide immediate information related to the well-being of the public.

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