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Major Administrative Plans

Future Administrative Visions

  1. Carry out high-quality municipal constructions to fulfill the visions of becoming a “cultural, financial and international city”
  2. Establish a more completed and rapid transportation in Great Taichung area to shorten the gap between rural and municipal areas.
  3. Build up green transportation based on the idea of “people-oriented and sustainable development”-2011 Improvement Program of City Street Landscape and Living Environment
  4. Carry out regular maintenance and immediate repair work on road and bridge
  5. Set up an aim of “good-quality water for a happy life and sustainable ecology” in the construction of sanitary sewer system
  6. Maintain regional drainage construction, rain water sewer system and cleaning work for creating a new environment where people live in peace and plenty.
  7. Municipal pavement constructions after the merger of Taichung City and Taichung County will be in accordance with the public opinions and common consensus of all administrative authorities.
  8. Provide the public good but cheap internet service and make Taichung a completely digital city
  9. Adapt the energy-saving stabilizer for road light in the future
  10. Construct ecological city oasis- Taichung Gateway Park
  11. Build up new green gardens in the city
  12. Establish tree care home- Taichung City Tree Bank
  13. Create a new city recreational spot- Wang Gao Liao Night View Park
  14. Cooperate with non-governmental organizations to promote energy saving and carbon reduction movement- new construction of Taichung Theme Park of Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction
  15. Build up special recreational space- Constructions of Taichung New Civic Center Park No. 1-3
  16. Protect ecology without stopping the development of local tourism industry –the proposals of building the tourist information center and parking lot in Gaomei Wetland Park No. 68
  17. Strengthen the construction achievement promotion to increase the visibility of municipal administrative performances
  18. Comprehensively enhance public construction quality in the respect of institution
  19. Promote energy-saving and carbon-reducing policies to fulfill the goal of achieving a “low-carbon home and garden city”
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  • Publish Date: 2012-01-02
  • Source: Construction Bureauu
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