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Owners of Expropriated Land Urged to Collect Compensation before Expiration Date

Owners whose land was expropriated 15 years ago and who have not yet collected their compensation please hurry to claim it before the expiration date; otherwise the compensation monies shall accrue to the Treasury.

Taichung City Government has made an inventory to find that there were 53 unclaimed compensation cases worth about NT$ 5 million in 2000 and that only 2 compensation cases worth about NT$ 180,000 were claimed after notification to each compensation recipient and advertisement on newspaper in the past year. The city government has made an inventory again this year to find that there were 900 unclaimed compensation cases worth about NT$ 50 million in 2001. Recipients have been notified by registered mail and urged to collect their compensation.

According to Article 26 of Land Expropriation Act, the unclaimed compensation monies shall be kept at the custody account with the Treasury for 15 years from the date of notice delivery and then shall accrue to the Treasury if the recipient fails to claim it. Owners of expropriated land are urged to pay attention to their own rights and hurry to claim their compensation. Name list of unclaimed recipients and registration procedures and application forms can be enquired on the website of Land Administration Bureau.

  • Data update: 2019-02-12
  • Publish Date: 2015-10-15
  • Source: Land Administration Bureau
  • Hit Count: 2002
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