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Online Inquiry for Non-Urban Land Converting Classification Makes Life Easier

According to Article 3 of "Implementation Rules for Non-Urban Land Converting Classification", an applicant applying for non-urban land converting classification must inquire, one by one, all the 62 items related to the first-grade and the second-grade environmentally sensitive are as to each of the competent authorities before he or she can set up a business plan. As the inquiry items are so numerous, an applicant must spend huge amounts of man power and time.

To provide people with a simple and convenient service system, the Land Administration Bureau has set up an online inquiry system for the "environmentally sensitive areas" on its website. Now, an applicant needs to only choose the administrative district and the land section, key in the land lot number and his or her personal information, and then press the “application-form” button. The system will take over and automatically generate application forms and an envelope label for each competent authority.

Before the use of this online inquiry service system, an applicant must understand and confirm and then send an application form to each of the different competent authorities. If he or she spends 20 minutes (including writing the envelope) for each query item, it will take about 1160 minutes. Now, it takes only 30 minutes to complete all the procedures on the online inquiry service system. On top of that, the inquiry service system will accurately print out the application form to each competent authority without any human error in wording and identifying the correspondence unit, thus shortening the inquiry time for each case from about one month to 10 days, a reduction of 20 days from the past.

For more information about this online inquiry service system, please visit the website of Land Administration Bureau (https://www.land.taichung.gov.tw).

  • Data update: 2023-04-19
  • Publish Date: 2015-09-02
  • Source: Land Administration Bureau
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