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Installing Standard Boundary Markers to Ensure Land Rights and Reduce Boundary Disputes

The following are the benefits of installing boundary markers:
1. They ensure land owners know where the boundary of their land is.
2. They reduce the incidence of disputes with adjacent landowners.
3. Among survey applicants, they avoid surveys not being carried out because boundary markers haven't been put in place.
The price of standard boundary markers in Taichung has been reduced, and the Land Office in each district has prepared them for sale to the public. When registering the merging or division of their land, the public can purchase boundary markers that will be delivered to them. This will save members of the public the difficulty of transporting boundary markers, and they are requested to make greater use of this service.

*Relevant legal regulations: (legal basis – cadastral survey regulations and boundary marker management methods)

Cadastral survey regulations
* Section 210 *
Unless otherwise specified in these regulations, applicants for a land resurvey should independently prepare boundary markers that should be placed in the following locations and maintained there permanently:

1. Locations in which a land division resurvey has been applied for.
2. Boundary locations in which an adjustment to the boundary or the topography has been applied for.
3. Locations in which the merging of land parcels has been confirmed.

If applicants are unable to place their boundary markers according to the first or second regulations, they must examine attached map showing the location of boundaries following land divisions or adjustments. They are required to pay an additional fee of half the land resurvey fee, and must re-apply to determine the boundaries.
* Section 211 *
When they receive an application for a land resurvey, following examination and approval the registering authorities should immediately set a time, date and meeting point. They should fill out a resurvey letter of notification, and provide it to the applicant and contact person(s). If the resurvey is unable to be carried out on the specified date due to inclement weather or other reasons, the registering authorities should notify the applicant and contact person(s) of the change in the resurvey date.
During the resurvey the applicant should be present at the site. If the applicant does not arrive at the site at the agreed time or has not installed border markers as specified in regulations, this will be taken as them foregoing their resurvey application, and the applicant will not be recompensed for resurvey fees that have already been paid.
When merging boundaries, the 'contact person(s)' referred to in the first regulation means all landowners adjacent to the land that is being merged. Adjacent landowners who own the base of apartment blocks are constituted from the apartment building management committee; if, within the valid time, they advocate the acquisition of surface rights, agricultural rights or property easement rights, then they count as landowners. 
If the contact person(s) does not arrive at the site on the allocated time, the resurvey is forfeit.

Boundary marker management methods
* Section 7 *
Apart from in the situations listed below, when cadastral surveys are being carried out the landowners or management personnel should independently install boundary markers; if they do not conform to regulations, the survey will not be carried out.

1. The boundary location is inside a building or place or work, and would clearly cause inconvenience.
2. The boundary location is in a ditch, pond, river or moving body of water, or on the edge of a precipice, and there is no way that it can be installed.
3. It is clearly inconvenient to install the boundary in building or places of work that make a permanent boundary.

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  • Publish Date: 2013-06-05
  • Source: Land Administration Bureau
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