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24-Hour Hotline

  • Foreigner Service 0800-024-111
  • Citizen Service Hotline 1999


Compulsory Education Advisory Group of Taichung City has produced a variety of instructional videos and provided free online learning resources.

Video recording of the Taichung City National Education Counseling Group situation.
The Compulsory Education Advisory Group of Taichung City provides guidance to schools on curriculum development and research on teaching methods and materials to enhance the teaching effectiveness of teachers and promote the sharing of online teaching resources. The “Taichung City Online Teaching Resources Zone” is updated annually. Education Bureau of Taichung City Government has brought together 22 guidance groups from Compulsory Education Advisory Group to produce 34 lively and engaging teach...


  • MyEGov
  • Living in Taiwan
  • New Immigrants in Taiwan
  • Laws & Regulations Database of The Republic of China
  • Nation Central Library
  • Visualizing Health of Taichung Citizens
  • Gender Equality Committee